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The Importance of Having Insulated Residential Garage Doors

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The Importance of Having Insulated Residential Garage Doors

Insulated Residential Garage Doors Near Haskell NJ

Having an insulated garage door at home is very essential for many reasons. If your garage hasn't been insulated yet, it will get really cold in that area during winter and you're also likely to get a huge electricity bill. You might want to consider getting insulated doors so that you can help the environment in saving energy. Also, insulated doors designed by known manufacturers are able to last for 15 to 20 years and have a positive environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

You will be able to feel this when you have a room right next to the garage at home. It will help you maximize the heat energy from your heater during winter season. When your door is insulated, it stabilizes the temperature and the energy is not simply lost outside. Studies prove that 71% of energy loss is reduced because of insulation.

Great Savings

You are not just promoting a “green” environment with insulation but it will also help you save a lot of money in your electricity bills. If your door is not insulated, it will be the same as opening a window when your heater or air conditioner is turned on. That will cost you more even if you have not used it well.

Getting Tax Credit

In certain circumstances you can receive a tax credit if you use energy efficient materials for home improvement. It can run up to 30% of the first $5,000 that you spend in installation. That is being done by the government to support energy-saving campaign to continuously protect our environment.

With all these optional benefits, when deciding on garage door replacement, you should choose a door with the highest R-value to make sure it is the most energy efficient.


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