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Why is my garage door struggling when I open it?

This may be due to broken or malfunctioning springs. If left for long, the problem could get worse, leaving you with more issues to deal with. Call our professional team right away to get your garage door fixed in no time.

Can I have my garage door panel customized?

Yes, you can. There are also different panels available for you, such as wooden, steel, and frosted ones. Of course, you should choose which one suits your home. Most homeowners with traditional-looking houses opt for wood, but there are those who are considering steel and frosted panels mainly because of security and appeal.

Why should I use a professional garage door installer?

Our experts in Garage Door Repair Haskell suggest that you hire us as we are a team of trained and professional door installers. A garage door is the largest moving object at home. Improper installation of the door performed by untrained technicians can cause problems and accidents.

How important is the safety reverse feature?

As the safety reverse feature had been legislatively required to be included in most door openers at present, it is doubtlessly important. It prevents accidents involving pets and children. Before the safety reverse function was introduced, there have been several instances of accidents involving garage doors. It is compulsory having this feature so those that don’t have it should consider replacing their units.

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